Harmonic Filtering

What Is The Harmonic Filter: Circuit, Operation and Its Applications

In electrical power systems harmonics are a voltage, otherwise current occurs with different fundamental frequencies. It is often thought of as noise within the power line. Harmonics within the power system can be classified into two types, such as: B. Voltage harmonics and current harmonics. But it is very important to remove harmonics within power supply systems by using a harmonic filter; Otherwise, the power connector must be redesigned to handle non-linear loads.

Current harmonics can be induced by variable speed drives (VSDs), known as nonlinear loads. Similarly, voltage harmonics generally occur due to distorted voltage generation by the action of current harmonics using the source impedance. This article provides an overview of the definition of a harmonics filter, it works with applications.

What is a harmonics filter?

A device used to attenuate harmonics and move them towards acceptable ranges reduce
power supply system is known as harmonic filter.

This harmonic filter is used at strategic points in the operating circuitry to eliminate or reduce harmonic distortion and resonance. In general, overcurrent harmonic distortion can occur in & no devices.

The harmonic filter eliminates large amounts of harmonics from equipment damage, reducing operation and reducing operating costs. Hence, these are used in various industries such as HVAC, Oil, Gas, Mining, Wastewater to avoid damage to components or fines for utilities. The harmonic filter can be constructed with a set of different electronic componentssuch as resistors, capacitors, inductors to avoid unnecessary harmonic currents and transmit them to the
earth . These filters are primarily designed to prevent harmonics of certain frequencies.

Operating Principle

The harmonic filter's operating principle is to reduce distortion by redirecting harmonic currents within the lower impedance rails become.

These filters are capacitive at the fundamental frequency and are therefore used to provide the required reactive power through converters & also for reactive power compensation.


The Advantages of harmonic filters include the following.


The disadvantages of passive harmonic filter and active harmonic filter include the following.

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