Neutron performs power quality surveys via data logging for a client on one or multiple sites with 200 A to 20 000 Amps supplies to identify and isolate power quality issues amongst other but not limited to:

  1. Voltage profile (Phase to Phase & Phase to Neutral)
  2. Current Profile (phase per phase and Tri Phasic including balancing)
  3. Active and Reactive Loads
  4. Total Harmonic Distortion
  5. Harmonic Distortion as per individual Harmonic up to the 50th
  6. Flicker
  7. Frequency
  8. Consumption in kw, kvar, kwh, kvarh, etc
  9. Inductive Load and compensation required
  10. Capacitive load and compensation required
  11. Power factor
  12. & Many more

Our report covers the fundamentals of the network and then focus on the identified issues and specific concerns of the client with specific formulated solutions and assessment of their implementation.