Voltage Regulation

An automatic voltage regulator or AVR is designed to maintain a constant voltage level regardless of any variances in the nominal voltage of your supply. It compensates for surges and dips in the fluctuating voltage levels and delivers a constant selected voltage level. Various sizes and specifications are available and manufactured for your specific needs and depending on the design, may regulate variances exceeding 50% from normal supply voltages in extreme cases.

These Automatic Voltage Regulators can be used in various industrial, commercial and retail environments, from manufacturing plants, shopping centres, office parks to the telecom and medical industry and many more.

At Neutron Energy Control we are proud to supply a wide range of Automatic Voltage Regulators, suitable for a variety of purposes. Our AVR’s provide adequate protection from voltage fluctuations originating from the network supply and does so on an independent individual phase per phase basis.

Why you need an automatic voltage regulator:

Under ideal conditions, when the supplied power line is stable and dependable, you may not need voltage regulation.  Were that the case, your equipment would operate within their inherent/manufactured voltage tolerances of the line voltage without any incident.

 The power supplied to most areas is however less than ideal due to outdated power grids. Adding the fact that your voltage is also determined by the number of users and the amount of current they are drawing from electrical supply grid area you are in; the actual supply seldom is within normal ranges.

The prevalence of various transformers ranging from 380V to as high as 420V being supplied and installed also adds to the discrepancy bandwidth and one also must keep in mind that not all components and machinery has the same tolerances for voltage fluctuation.

This is especially true of electronic equipment, as the PC Boards are very sensitive.

These voltage fluctuations stress components and shorten equipment life. In a worst case, such events can destroy valuable equipment. Using an industrial Automatic Voltage Regulator can protect your equipment.

So, cut your maintenance costs and protect your equipment from damaging electrical events. Neutron Energy will provide you with top quality AVR’s, perfectly suited for your requirements.

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