The digital voltage stabilizer

Reliable and controlled power supply for every critical load up to 5000kVA

The Product

The digital voltage stabilizer is the ideal solution for the protection of every critical load up to 5000kVA when the local voltage supply is unstable and extremely variable. Thanks to the use of a buck-boost transformer and a variable auto-transformer, the stabilizer does not introduce harmonics or distortion and ensures a powerful load protection, with high overload capability ( 200% in) and maximum reliability. It is available for one-phase and three-phase systems, with or without neutral connection.

Fields of Applications

The stabilizer is the best solution for the protection of every electronic equipment. In particular, it s widely used in food/beverage industry, packaging industry, laser cutting machines , industrial plants, data centers, broadcast and communication systems.

Microprocessor controlled – digitally monitored

The last generation microprocessor is the heart of the machine: It regulates continuously the output voltage and manages all the alarms and signalizations. Two digital power analyzers continuously monitor the electrical behavior or the stabilizer and give all the information needed by the user, providing also for remote monitoring on RS485 port.

Easy to maintain

Due to its simple operating principle and to the reduced number of components, the voltage stabilizer doesn’t require frequent maintenance and can be easily managed by people normally involved in electrical installations.

Why Choose a voltage stabilizer

The increase of voltage sensitive equipment requires means able to guarantee the supply of high quality voltage, independently from variations in the mains. Loss of data , defective products, security failure, machinery faults and inaccurate information are only a few examples of possible problems due to unstable supply.  The voltage stabilizer has proved to be an efficient solution in order to prevent from potential damages due to input voltage fluctuation. Installing a voltage stabilizer is often the solution to ensure continuity and quality of production. A typical voltage stabilizer is able to respond to changes in the voltage level on the input line. Sags might be due to undersized distribution lines , connection of large loads to the network, ground faults, etc.

Surges might be generated by disconnection of large loads, increased voltage at the generation plant, atmospheric events, etc. The duration of such phenomena depends on their cause and is not easily predictable. Sags are generally more common especially where the distribution is not wide and efficient.

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